Module: ol/proj/Projection




Type Definitions


Name Type Argument Default Description
code string

The SRS identifier code, e.g. EPSG:4326.

units Units <optional>

Units. Required unless a proj4 projection is defined for code.

extent Extent <optional>

The validity extent for the SRS.

axisOrientation string <optional>

The axis orientation as specified in Proj4.

global boolean <optional>

Whether the projection is valid for the whole globe.

metersPerUnit number <optional>

The meters per unit for the SRS. If not provided, the units are used to get the meters per unit from the METERS_PER_UNIT lookup table.

worldExtent Extent <optional>

The world extent for the SRS.

getPointResolution function <optional>

Function to determine resolution at a point. The function is called with a number view resolution and a Coordinate as arguments, and returns the number resolution in projection units at the passed coordinate. If this is undefined, the default getPointResolution function will be used.